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Information About Our Roads and Parking Lots


We are aware of the issues with our roads and parking lots at the DSYSA Baseball & Softball complex and would like to make you aware of some of the obstacles we face fixing the surfaces. Know that we continually add dirt to the road and parking lot surfaces every year and do our best, with the funds available, to make the roads manageable. Below are issues that we face as an organization pertaining to our facility, what we need done to improve the roads and some things you can do to help. 

The Road Issues Explained

  1. We are part of a flood plain that collects overflow from the creeks and water shed from the high school property. About 2 to 3 times a year we get hard and heavy downpours that wash away any dirt or filler we’ve applied through the year. The entire property ends up 12 inches under fast moving water. Any dirt we’ve laid down gets washed away leaving the rocky, uneven surface below. 
  2. We are a non-profit organization and receive zero dollars from the City of Dripping Springs for assistance in our youth sports programs. We purely rely on funding from player registration fees and sponsorship donations from businesses in the city. However, this is not near enough to permanently fix the issues, but just maintain our facility.
  3. We do not own the road leading into the complex from Sportsplex Drive. This is considered an easement and is owned by the property on the east side. We are not allowed to do any permanent upgrades to the road, but we do lay down dirt during the year.

What We Need Done

  1. Our number one issue is drainage. With an improved drainage system, we could keep much of the water off of the road surfaces, by improving elevations of the roads and deepening the gullies around the facility. In addition, much of this would need cement reinforcement.
  2. We need quality road base, at a minimum, that we can thoroughly pack down. We typically use dirt to fill the roads which is cheap and easy to get, but it does not pack well, thus gets washed away.
  3. Lastly, our biggest need would be to resurface all of our roads and parking lots with quality road base with an assault topper. This could be crushed asphalt or paved, but anything durable enough to withstand heavy rains.

What You Can Do

We are looking from help from the City of Dripping Springs or from a generous donation of money, time and materials. We estimate around $500,000+ to permanently fix the roads and parking lots on our facility.

If you would like to donate your time or money to help facilitate improvements, or you know people that could contribute money, timer or materials, then we very much welcome your assistance.


Thank You,

Flooding seen from Sportsplex Drive

Flooding & Hail in South Parking Lot

Flooding in Field 2 Parking Lot

Flooding on West Side