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TeeBall and WeeBall Information

Thank you for your interest in DSYSA baseball.  Weeball and teeball are both great introductions to baseball.  Weeball is for kids  4 and under.  The birthdate deadline is April 30, so if your child turns 5 before April 30, he/she will need to play teeball.  If he/she is still 4, on April 30, you have the option of either weeball or teeball.  Weeball is $90. Teeball is $250, because they have paid umpires, better uniforms and play a lot more games and practices under lights. 

If you are a first time player, go here to learn more.


The weeball teams are made up of 5 -6 children. They practice and play within 1 hour on Saturdays.  There are no outs in weeball and each child hits each inning, then the teams switch. It teaches the kids how to swing the bat, run the bases and the very basics of fielding. 


Teeball is played according to CENTEX/MLB baseball rules and is for kids 5-6 (and older 4's; generally last year of pre-k and kindergarten).  The teams practice once per week and have 2 games per week, on average. 10 players are on the field (usually only 10 players per team, so everyone plays) at a time and the kids play positions. There are umpires at every game, and kids can get out either by striking out or being thrown out by the fielding team.  There is a 5 run rule per team per inning.  By the end of the season, this starts to look like real baseball, with a lot of outs being made and kids hitting the ball hard.