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370 Sports Park Rd Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Rain Out Information

In order to keep the fields safe, open, and meet the standard for high quality fields, the Board has set guidelines for inclement weather and team sports playing on wet fields.
Experience has shown that most of the turf damage to the field(s) occurs with field overuse or use during/after inclement weather. Periods of wet weather, prolonged rain or heavy downpours combined with field use will cause irreparable damage to the turf.
In order to keep this damage to a minimum and ensure play in safe conditions, fields may be closed during inclement weather. This also reduces repair costs and the potential for the field to be out of service for extended lengths of time.
Whenever inclement weather occurs, the Board visits the fields and assesses the turf/field conditions using the following criteria:
•    The amount of precipitation that has occurred.
•    The presence of standing water on the field.
•    Drainage capabilities of the field/site.
•    Is the field SAFE to play on?
•    What kind and how much damage could occur if the fields were to remain open for the event?
•    How many field closures have there been recently?
•    The time of year and the cumulative amount of stress on the field.