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This is the home site of Dripping Springs Youth Soccer.  Our beautifully-manicured 7.5 acre soccer pitch is located at 370 Sports Park Road in the heart of Dripping Springs, Texas.  We are proud to provide a recreational program which offers a fun, safe, and rich soccer experience for our youth in Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas.  Dripping Springs STARS is the competitive side of DSYSA Soccer that provides the youth soccer players of Dripping Springs a place to play Academy and Select level soccer.


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AUGUST 4, 2020

As we prepare to return to play in Fall 2020, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our players, families, and coaches. DSYSA Soccer is implementing the policies and procedures below to guide our return to training and competitive play beginning this August. We will continue to monitor the COVID Safety Protocols as set by our local authorities, the State of Texas and the CDC and will update our policies as needed.  DSYSA Soccer is a USYS sanctioned club that adheres to STYSA, WDDOA and CAYSA rules and regulations.

Our Coaches (staff and volunteers, both home and away), Spectators, and Players will all play a role in keeping everyone safe. All soccer activities are optional, but adherence to these policies is mandatory. In order for sessions to be enjoyable and safe for all who choose to participate, those who attend will need to adhere to the policies below:


· All coaches must be wearing masks (nose and mouth covering) at all times, while entering/exiting fields, during training and when addressing the players as well as use of restrooms.

·There will be no physical contact between Coaches and Players.  No fist bumps, arm bumps, hugging or hand shakes.

·  Coaches will instruct from a distance greater than or equal to 6 feet.

·  There will be no team gatherings that bring players closer than 6 feet.

· All coaches will be required to clean and disinfect all their equipment before and after every practice and game.  


·  All spectators are encouraged to remain in their vehicles during training sessions.

· We recommend No Spectators in the training area during training sessions, however, exceptions will be made for our U4-U8 families during weeknight practices.  We will have marked observation spots for family units (same household) which will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.

· Spectators are recommended to wear face masks (nose and mouth covering) while entering/exiting our complex, while observing training or watching games and for use of restrooms.

·   Should spectators enter training areas, they should follow proper social distancing protocols.

· We recommend (1) Spectator per player during games, though we understand this may not be possible.  We will have marked observation spots for family units (same household) which will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart so they can cheer on their players during games, socially distant from one another.

·  To limit capacity on weekends, we will stagger our game times to allow plenty of space for families as they are arriving at and leaving the fields.


·  Players are recommended to wear masks (nose and mouth covering) at all times when entering and leaving the complex.

· Players are not required to wear masks when actively involved in training or games.

·  Players should attempt to maintain a distance greater than or equal to 6 feet from others during moments of arrival, departure, breaks, and in-training/in-game stoppages

·  Players are recommended to wear masks when on the sidelines.

· Players must bring their own water/hydration, drinking only from their own jugs/bottles.

·    During breaks in training, we will continue to apply social distancing for the players where each one will have a designated spot for their water jugs.

·      Players must bring their own soccer ball to training, but should not bring a ball to any game.

·      Players should not touch any equipment (cones, goals, etc.).

·   All players should leave the fields promptly after the conclusion of their training sessions/games and adhere to social distancing during the process.



PARENTS/GUARDIANS – please monitor your player’s health closely according to the following guidelines:

· All individuals should self-screen before attending training or games, as outlined by State of Texas guidelines listed here SELF SCREEN.  If you or your player have any of these symptoms, do NOT come to practice or games.

·  If your player shows ANY sign of illness, do NOT come to practice or games and notify your Coach immediately.

· If you or someone in your family has not been feeling well (fever, cough, diarrhea, sore throat) please stay at home!

· If you determine your player or someone in your family has been exposed to a Covid-19 positive individual, please follow State of Texas protocols, quarantine for 14 days and notify your Coach and/or the DSYSA Soccer Safety Coordinator at as soon as possible.

· If your player or someone in your family are awaiting results of a Covid-19 test, please stay at home until you have received the results.

· If your player or someone in your family has tested positive for Covid-19, notify your Coach.  We will take the necessary steps to notify others on your team/cohort as recommended by State of Texas and STYSA guidelines.    

*STYSA currently states that if (3) or more players test positive within a team/cohort, then the team must cease all training and games and quarantine for (14) days.

· If you are not comfortable with your player participating in soccer activities, please notify your Coach and stay at home.


Additional Resources and Recommendations:

Supporting a Safe Return to Play - STYSA Webinar (7/30/20)

CDC Guidelines



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