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Rules & Guidelines

DSYSA Baseball Rules Hierarchy

DSYSA Baseball Rules will be applied with following priority hierarchy.

1. DSYSA Local Rules Then

2. Centex Rules Then

3. MLB Rules

If you notice a gap in the rules or feel you need something clarified locally please let the board know.

DSYSA Local Rules

DSYSA Local BAT Rule

1) For ages 6 and under - The maximum diameter shall not exceed 2-5/8"

2) For ages 7 and older - The maximum diameter shall not exceed 2-3/4"

All bats must be commercially manufactured for baseball and unaltered. They must be stamped with either BBCOR, 1.15BPF or the official USA Baseball Stamp. Coaches are responsible for compliance to this rule.

DSYSA Local Pitch count Rule

Max # of pitches per week:

10U - 75 pitches
12U - 85 pitches
14U - 95 pitches

Note: A pitcher may finish a current batter if the weekly pitch limit is reached during an at bat.

Recommendation: If you pitch or plan to pitch a player 40+ pitches in a game please also don’t throw him in at catcher in the same game. 

The above rules/recommendations are about arm care to avoid potential injury.


We will have slightly modified run rule from Centex. 
6U, 8U and 10U - Maximum 5 Runs per inning
12U - Maximum 6 Runs per inning
14U - Open


We will have slightly modified game length rule from Centex. The time limits will be set as follows:
6U and 8U - 1:00 (one hour)
10U - 1:15 (one hour and 15 minutes)
12U  - 1:30 (one hour and 30 minutes)


Stealing home on a pitch is not allowed. You can steal on a passed ball once it crosses home plate as that is no longer part of the pitch, but a live ball.

DSYSA Playing Time RULE

No player may sit consecutive innings in a game.

6U and 8U - In addition to the rule above ALL players must sit once before ANY player sits twice.

Exceptions will be allowed due to injuries and illness.

Minimum Team Size

The required # of rostered players for all teams to make a game official is eight (8) players. An automatic out is imposed for every batter under eight (8). A team must forfeit if the number of batters is less than six (6). Additional players may be borrowed from the opposing team (preferred) or DSYSA summer league players within the same age group (or lower) to field a complete defense. The following requirements will apply to non-rostered players:

  • Additional fielder does not hit.
  • Additional fielder does not play in the infield.

Centex ALL STAR League Rules

For a complete list of current Centex All-Star League Rules, please visit